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英语人物介绍作文 篇1

  Mo Yan, is a famous contemporary Chinese writer. In 20xx, He became the country’s first Nobel Literature Prize laureate。

  Born Guan Moye, the author writes under the pen name Mo Yan, which means don’t speak in Chinese。

  Mo Yan was granted an honorary PhD of Arts by OUHK and was appointed guest professor at the Qingdao University of Technology. Relying on a series of countryliterary works, Mo’s claim to fame came in the 1980s when he established a reputation for being a so-called root-seeking writer. His works were strongly influenced by magical realism and told the tales of numerous legends which took place in Gaomi, Shandong Province. Mo isrenowned for his unique perceptions of reality, imaginative descriptions, de-familiarizationprocessing, mysticism and a pioneering style。

英语人物介绍作文 篇2

  Born in 1935, Mr. Smith spent his childhood in a mining village in a state. When he was a child, he hated school but had a talent for writing and he wrote his first poems. After his leaving school, he did his first job in a village shop for six years. During this period, he wrote a large number of poems in accordance with his own experiences and mental activities. Later, he left for S city in 1957 and published poems and his first novel. Delightfully, his works were popular when they published and he became a famous writer at once. However, he found that his life was meaningless though he led a luxurious life and started becoming depressed. Consequently, he first committed suicide unsuccessfully in 1960.


  Later, Mr. Smith got married when he was 30, but his family life was not so happy because the couple did not have a common goal in marriage. Thus, he divorced his wife quickly and moved to another state to start a new life. But his works lost earlier popularity as time elapsed. Hence, he had to find another way to make a living. When he was fighting for his new life at the age of 32, Cupid fired another arrow at him—he fell in love with a girl at first sight. He ran after her fanatically. At last, they had a love child and moved back to his home state in 1972.


  However, there is a crook in the lot of every one. With the growth of his son, Mr. Smith found that his life was so empty and boring in that he could not write any poems any longer, let alone published them. As the result, he committed suicide in 1975, at the age of 40.


英语人物介绍作文 篇3

  In 1879, after more than 1,000 trials and $40,000, Thomas Edison introduced an inexpensive alternative to candles and gaslight: the incandescent lamp. Using carbonized filaments from cotton thread, his light bulb burned for two days. These bulbs were first installed on the steamship Columbia and have been lighting up the world ever since.

英语人物介绍作文 篇4

  Do you know who my favorite cartoon character is? You can't laugh at me when you say it. I like to tell you, I like the hero of the "the eight rings of the pig in the sky" - the eight ring of the pig

  Long pig fat, silly, always confused, but can also do youmoyouyang

  The eight ring treats the others as their good friends and treats them sincerely. He is happy to help people and good people. I like him, and there's an important reason - he has a good heart and a sense of justice.

  On the one hand, when the eight quit eating in the restaurant is eating with interest, it is being robbed by a robber. The eight quit wrestled with the gangsters fiercely, rescuing the owners and customers, returning all the treasure to everyone, and became a respected hero in the town.

  Although the pig's eight ring is long ugliness, his mind is not ugly or kind and pure. He does not compare his own strengths to the weaknesses of others. His behavior is often will affect others, to your enemy, bad as his friend

  The devil to eight kind of challenge, the pig does not want to fight with him, he will beat the pig as it cannot be helped, and also from the hands of death to the bull rescued, put him a way out. The eight ring has become a hero, and look at his foolish and foolish way

  Pig friendly, small voice spoke, "pig" is often silly stupid ah, not only to overcome the difficulties, through the difficulties, and each can safely change danger into safety.

  Each episode of the animated cartoon, the pig eight ring brought me a laugh.

英语人物介绍作文 篇5

  The Hero in My Heart

  When people say the word "hero", what will you think? Do you have a hero in your heart? Maybe your hero is a famous singer, a movie star or a great-man. But my hero is around me, who gives me more love than others. She is my mother, the hero in my heart. My mother isn't great in the way of a famous singer or a movie star. She does nothing big, but what she does make others inferior. From her, I learn a lot.

  When I was a baby, she taught me how to walk and how to speak. When I go to school, she helps me solve many problems. She also tells me be kind to others. When I do badly in study, she encourages me and tries to cheer me up. My mother is a teacher, and she is always busy with her work. When she corrects students' homework, she is always very serious. My mother is responsible to all of her students. She cares much about students study and life, and she tries her best to help students in need.

  My mother is a loving mother, a qualified teacher, and a real hero in my heart.

英语人物介绍作文 篇6

  Read the story of lei feng, after my captors. The great communist fighter, how about doing good thing! His heroic deeds known, old knowledge, his spirit motivates the healthy growth of young generation! He is worthy of the era, the people's hero models.

  Lei feng was born in a poor peasant family, less than seven years old is an orphan. After liberation, the cultivation of the party and the government, be a glorious PLA soldiers. Lei feng's communist party, deeply: chairman MAO gave him the happiness of life, he was sent away to school, he grew up. Therefore, he is on the communist party to infinite affection, where he will fight to where.

  He is working people's good son, the communist party of China's outstanding communist party member. He's doing. Although no cabal, but also inspiring. Lei feng, in the spirit of diligence and frugality, has a good deed, quality. His story say three days and three nights. Lei feng said: "a man's life is limited, but I will devote my limited life to the limitless to serve the people." Lei feng said so, not only on the mouth and do: he was ill, he insisted to help cover building construction group, he said: "we are building socialism, I like everyone, as do their duty, also be the point is a light hair a light!" , Lei feng usually won't drink soda, but in most of the flood in place, will usually saved $200 all donations... Lei feng likes reading, no matter how busy every day, he read out a little time, he said: "some people said work busy studying. I think learning time is good, the question is whether we have not crowded, willing to drill. A piece of wood, a good eye also have no, but why can nail nails into? This is hard to squeeze into pressure. Consequently, nail has two advantages: one is crowded, one is ZuanJin. We are learning to advocate the" also nails' My herospirit, good crowded and drill."

  Lei feng's life, devote my limited life to the limitless to serve the people. In his "nail" spirit, assiduous study marxism-leninism, MAO zedong thought, have whole-heartedly selfless dedication, ecstasy. I should study well, assiduously, develop lei feng's spirit of "nails, grew up to people's contribution, contribute to the motherland. "Took lei feng guns in the new century, we will do the lei feng." Lei feng is always we learn to set a good example, his spirit will live.

英语人物介绍作文 篇7

  A man of small stature, he was only five feet, six inches at the most, and he was somewhat overweight even in his prime. His Italian heritage was evidenced by his dark hair, olive complexion, and strong nose. A neatly trimmed moustache adorned his upper lip. In young years, a cigar frequently protruded from under the dark moustache. Clear blue eyes contrasted nicely with his olive tone.

  There was a kindnein those eyes, and they always showed his every emotion. 能。Making him so easy to read.。An easygoing manner acted like a magnet for him, attracting the love and respect of everyone he cameJn contact with, 。 During World War II, his compassionate nature was utilized as a nurse in the Navy and in the Marines. Scars on his back were proof of his heroism.》。 He never really spoke much about the war, but he only would tell his favorite story of how he delivered a baby in all that turmoil He married during his stint in the service, and soon a son and a daughter would also share his love. Both of them having dark hair, olive skin, and blue eyes. everyone said how they were "the spitting image" of him, Oh, how he beamed at that statement. He worked very hard at being a good husband and father. Years passed, and he became a grandfather who was affectionately called "papa." His grandchildren adored him and were his constant companions.

  Going to McDonalds became a weekly outing for them. Bout, alas, the heart that had always given too much Jove grew weaker and weaker. After two heart attacks and a triple by-pass, his loving heart stopped, and he breathed forth his soul into the arms of God. At his funeral mass, the priest spoke of how his succewas not stored in banks but in that hearts of those who loved him. From this perspective, he was a most-successfu man and truly died a millionaire. This profile of Bob La Coy is very accurate. I know because he was my Joying father.

英语人物介绍作文 篇8

  Born into a poor family in Gaomi, Shandong Province on February 17,1955, Mo Yan, whose original name is Guan Moye, showed great interest in reading and calligraphy in his early years. Whats more, not only is he outgoing but he also has a strong sense of humor.Having graduated from the PLA Academy of Arts in 1986, Mo Yan went on further education and received a Masters Degree in Arts from Beijing University five years later. With a talent for literature, he won Chinas high estliterary prize, Mao Dun Literature Prize by his book Frogin 20xx. Toall Chineses excitement, this year he became the first Chinese writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, which will certainly make great contributions to the development of Chinese literature.